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Start-up Advisory

As your hard work and brilliance pays off and you build your idea into the next billion-dollar business and join the unicorn club, you should really give yourself complete peace of mind from a legality standpoint.

At BRK Law Partners, we are fully equipped to provide you complete legal solutions and services to help you at every stage of your start-up journey – from ideation, conceptualisation, validation and scaling, to a steady state enterprise. We assist with incorporation, funding options, structuring procedures, ensuring compliance with the various start-up laws, and more.

With a wideclient basefrom diverse sectors – technology, e-commerce, energy, logistics and food & beverage – our solutions are customised and fine-tuned to address the unique challenges and needs of start-ups across sectors. Just leave the heavy-lifting to us!

Family Law

At BRK Law Partners, we customise our approach to cater to all cases pertaining to Family Law. Equipped with rich experience and in-depth skills, we help you navigate through the case, provide pertinent and timely advice to help you choose the right course of action. Our expertise extends to all matters under the scope of Marriage Laws, Divorce Laws, Adoption Laws including Maintenance and Child Custody Petitions, Restitution of Conjugal Rights, Judicial Separation and Dowry cases.We also cover Laws of Inheritance and Succession, including but not limited to Property related matters. 

With respect to Family Law matters, we understand that you require an attorney who is sensitive, reliable and trustworthy. This is where you can count on BRK Law to act as your trusted legal partner.


Mediation and Arbitration are the preferred modes of dispute resolution for most corporates, and therefore it is no surprise that there has been a considerable rise in the need for arbitration proceedings over the last 10 years.

BRK Law Partners is an expert inresolving commercial disputesand has extensive experience in preventing and resolving conflicts. Our lawyers understand the complexity and nuances of the arbitration process and assertively protect our clients’ interests with truly effective legal representation. We provide close counsel to clients, keeping them well informed of all significant developments and advising them at every step of the dispute-resolution process.

Corporate Law

India is an emerging economy and with changes in different areas of law becoming a norm, corporate law too has undergone massive changes to keep pace with the times. BRK Law is well-equipped to counsel our corporate clients on the various legal challenges they face on a day-to-day basis.The laws are still catching up with the changes in our socioeconomic environment,and BRK Law Partners is experienced to help our clients ably navigate the vastly complex regulatory and compliance landscape, without having to take away attention from their core business functions. We help our clients understand and adapt to  the new regulations, while also ensuring they get the maximum benefits under the current laws.

Our lawyers take a pragmatic business-like approach to all corporate and commercial transactions, as we believe that corporate laws are the backbone of any company’s organizational structure, especially as business scales

Banking Law

BRK Law Partners is on the panel of several global and domestic banks, representing NBFCs, institutional lenders, asset managers, and corporate borrowers. We provide legal advice across the complete spectrum of banking & finance matters, corporate debt, guarantees and acquisition. We have successfully engaged in complex recoveries and have the knowledge and experience to help our banking clients find practical solutions to the industry’s regulatory impediments.

Labour / Employment Law

Labour and Employment issues are often very sensitive, complex and challenging for any business, especially since human resourcesare a company’s primary asset and issues pertaining to them need to be handleddelicately and tactfully in order to preserve both the reputation of the employer as well as the dignity of the employee.

BRK Law Partners has drafted and reviewed numerous HR policies for many clients from diverse sectors. We regularly conduct training and enablement sessions with their employees to keep them up to date with various aspects of Labour Law. Significantly, our lawyers have also helped companies protect women’s rights with successful implementation of sexual harassment policies and facilitating setting up of internal complaint committees.


In Bangalore, BRK Law Partners is a leading legal practitioner of matters pertaining to Litigation.Our prime focus is to assist clients to get a satisfactory resolution and avoid litigation as far as possible. We adopt and use alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as mediationand arbitration to solve our clients’ legal challenges – especially when the parties are trying to preserve a vital interpersonal or commercial relationship.We see conflicts as unnecessary and avoidable and do our best to help you avoid them. When unavoidable, we always give our best to ensure a satisfactory, fair and equitable resolution

BRK Law Partners has a strong litigation team with a thorough understanding of corporate law practices.We offer expert guidance on a wide gamut of corporate issues, thereby optimising our clients’ business models, helping them minimise risk and achieve their goals.

We provide sound legal advice to our clients to deal with Central, State and Local Laws affecting their business as well as any disputes that may arise

We are known for our dispute resolution practice in disputes pertaining to commercial matters, joint ventures, consumer issues, debt recovery, employment, contractual and intellectual property amongst many others, including:

  • Drafting and handling of winding up petitions, petitions under mismanagement and oppression, disputes related to Mergers and Acquisitions and the like.
  • Representation of clients in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Representation of clients before Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT), Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunal, AIFR, BIFR, etc.
  • Handling of issues and matters related to tax evasion, bankruptcy, finances and securities, healthcare and insurance frauds, violations pertaining to the environment and the like.
  • Handling of disputes related to insider trading, false and misleading advertising, evasion of corporate taxes, embezzlement and misappropriation of funds.

BRK Law Partners is well known for settling major disputes and severe conflict of sorts between individuals or institutions. Our civil litigation and prevention practice is trusted by clients nationwide.

We try our level best to avoid litigation by using ADR methods such as arbitration and mediation.When litigation becomes unavoidable, we thenadvise on all possible aspects of litigation before proceeding with a customised strategy. We handlesuits related to partition, declaration and permanent injunction, cancellation of sale deeds and related concerns. We also represent clients in court for matters pertaining to land acquisition and real estate among others.

At BRK Law Partners, we have extensive experience in handling criminal litigation cases across High Courts, District Courts, Tribunals and the like.

We practice the following areas of criminal litigation:

  • Client Representation before High Court, District Courts, Tribunals, Forums, and Commissions all across the country.
  • Drafting and review of petitions for quashing of FIRs.
  • Handling of writs pertaining to criminal complaints.
  • Handling of Section 138, Negotiable Instrument Act and other complaints.
  • Handling of bail applications, appeals, interim applications, revision petitions,application for suspension of sentence and the like.
  • Assisting in cases/fraudulent acts pertaining to credit cards, phone andtelemarketing.
  • Handling disputes pertaining to fraud and forgery cases.
  • Assisting in suits for embezzlement and misappropriation of funds, FEMA violations, cheating, smuggling and violation of foreign exchange.
  • Handling cases pertaining to Narcotics and Drugs violations.
  • Handling cases pertaining to the violation of intellectual property rights, cyber laws,data theft and piracy laws.

Testamentary and Intestate Succession Matters

BRK Law Partnershelps in empowering the voiceless and clarifies your options especially when you have to filehigh-priority petitions before Courts for obtaining a Succession Certificate, Probate of Will, Letters of Administrationor related documentation.

Motor Accident Claims

Motor Accidents can be highly traumatic and to tackle the nuances of laws. BRK Law Partners reads in between the lines to make sure you receive the fair settlement you are entitled to.We handle the filing of motor accident claims before Motor Accident Claim Tribunals as well as insurance claims, personal injury claims, etc.

Intellectual Property Rights Matters

Human intelligence and inventive minds working to create unique and useful products and services are protected by the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Law. With the reservoir of artistic and scientific talent expanding, protection of Intellectual Property has become highly important and is crucial to ensure full pecuniary benefits of the invention go to the inventor.

Our team of expert lawyers are well versed in handling tricky cases and suits for permanent injunctionagainst infringement. We also assist in various other IPR disputes related to Copyright, Trademarks and Patents.

Consumer Related Matters

The saying “consumer is king” is beyond a post-modern thought – it has evolved over centuries.Consumer protection laws are configured to ensure fair trade practice and transparent flow of information in the marketplace.

At BRK Law Partners, we have always strived toensure that our clients as consumers are treated fairly and get the justice that they deserve.

We assist our clients by representing them before the District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum, State Commission, as well as National Commission in all matters and grievances related to deficient or defective goods and services, medical negligence and other unfair trade practices that impact your rights as consumers.

Real Estate Law

At BRK Law Partners, we are known for our expertise and skill in handling high-value real estate matters and property law. Our lawyers fully evaluate the scenario from multiple view-pointsbefore deciding which path to pursue. Our client base consists of a variety of individual property owners, commercial property owners, developers,government entities, lendersand the like.

We prepare legal documentation related tothe purchase, lease, sale, and mortgage of real estate properties – commercial, industrial, agricultural as well as residential and advise our clients on the various applicable local laws and necessary adherence to the same, such as stamp duties and the various requirements for registration. We also advise on strategies that could be implemented for the acquisition and development of land, licensing, and ways to procure regulatory approvals from government and statutory agencies.

As part of our holistic approach towards providing services related to real estate, we cover the following:

  • Due diligence of property documentation, change in ownership documents and conducting title searches for others, homes, real estate projects, townships, industries and acquisitions.
  • Draft and review lease deeds, sub-lease agreement, maintenance agreement, commercial leases of property, no objection certificate, partition deed, power of attorney, special power of attorney, service agreements, amenities agreement, family settlement, sale deeds, agreement to sell, etc.
  • Draft and review joint development agreements, partnership agreements, etc.
  • Draft and review builder agreement, construction contracts, bank guarantee, master purchase agreements, memorandum of understanding (MOU), mortgage deed, transfer deed, gift, change of use of the property.
  • Provide representation before all courts, forums, and commissions for matters pertaining to real estate.
  • Advisory/opinions on real estate related matters.

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