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BRK Law Partners has a combined experience of 20+ years in the legal sector dealing with legal issues and representing aclientele ranging from the common man,to leading bureaucrats and politiciansand corporations; both small and large – we have provided legal solutions and services to all.

Driven by our mission, we are committed to making high quality legal solutions and serviceswidely accessible to all and ensuringconstitutional protection to every citizen.

We are a team of qualified, experienced and resourceful lawyers comprising:

Our Team

Vijay Belavadi

Vijay Belavadi

Corporate Lawyer

Vijay is the dynamic founding partner at BRK Law Partners. A legal professional with over 15 years of experience in international and domestic laws, his practice expertise focuses on the Litigation of Real Estate Disputes, Contract Disputes, Corporate Matters and Civil Issues.

Vijay’s domestic practice represents individualsas well as businesses and covers the full spectrum of Litigation and Advisory Services. He is a strong proponent of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and encourages clients to resolve their grievances via mediation or arbitration.

Vijay is also a visiting faculty at Hindustan Aeronautics Laboratory (HAL) in Bangalore where he lectures and helps the teams there under Contracts Law. He has worked extensively with multinational and domestic corporations, helping them break deadlocks over unfulfilled contractual obligations and endeavours to resolve disputes through negotiation.Globally, Vijay has collaborated with leading law firms and corporations in the United States, Great Britainand Eastern & Southern Africa.

Born in Chikmagalur, Vijay grew up in Hassan, where his father B.R. Krishnamurthy was a leading lawyer and a respected Member of the Legislative Council (MLC). Incidentally, the name of the firm is inspired by the services his father provided to the community.

Vijay completed his B.A. L.L.B from Bangalore University in 2001. He resides in Bangalore.

Mallesh K.M.

Mallesh K.M.

Corporate Lawyer

Mallesh  K.M has been a Partner at BRK Law Partners since early 2015. He has distinguished himself in Civil Litigation and Corporate Matters ever since he began practising in 2002.During his remarkable career, Mallesh has successfully represented Individuals, Corporates as well as Governmental Institutions across the nation.

Mallesh is very active in representing and conveying the interests of lawyers across Bangalore. He was elected as the governing council member to the Bangalore Bar Association in 2009. He was then appointed as Chairman of the Sports Committee in 2009. He was later re-elected as governing council member in 2011 once again. Mallesh was the Vice President of the Bangalore Advocates Association for the year 2014-15.

Mallesh’s earlier practice was with Shri S.K.V. Chalapathy who is a designated Senior Counsel, apart from being an advocate par excellence.

Mallesh hails from Belurand grew up in Hassan. He pursued his B.A. L.L.B from University Law College, Bangalore in 2002 and after a thriving career of 13 years, is now an integral  part of the powerhouse duo that makes BRK Law Partners. He resides in Bangalore.