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The Family Laws in India are inexorably linked (in most cases) to the inherent traditions of its religious faiths and beliefs of its citizens, and the Indian Laws that form the governing and binding force over them. It goes without saying that Family laws, in this regard, need to be handled with extreme sensitivity, empathy and an extraordinary grasp of the nuances of the legal precedents.

At BRK Law, this is exactly what our team represents – an empathetic counsel who is sensitive, reliable, forthright and trustworthy.

Our approach is customised to cater to all cases pertaining to Family Law. Equipped with rich experience and in-depth skills, we help you navigate through the nuances of the legal case and provide pertinent and timely advice to help you choose the right course of action. Our expertise extends to all matters in Family Law, under the scope of Marriage Laws, Divorce Laws, Adoption Laws including Maintenance and Child Custody Petitions, Restitution of Conjugal Rights, Judicial Separation and Dowry cases. Our expertise also covers the entire gamut of Laws of Inheritance and Succession, including but not limited to Property related matters.

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