We endeavour
to do the right thing

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What we do

We offer a wide spectrum of high-impact legal services with prompt, personalized and exceedingly effective resolutions. Our skilled & experienced team of lawyers possess confidence, empathy and an excellent understanding of the Law, making us your ideal legal advisor for all times

Startup Advisory

We are fully equipped to provide you complete legal solutions and services to help you at every stage of your start-up journey

Family Law

Our expertise extends to all matters under the scope of Marriage Laws, Divorce Laws, Adoption Laws & more


Mediation and Arbitration have always been the preferred modes of dispute resolution for most corporates

Corporate Law

We take a pragmatic approach to all corporate & commercial transactions of corporate organisations

Banking Law

We provide legal advice across the complete spectrum of banking & finance matters, corporate debt, guarantees and acquisition

Labour Law

Labour issues are often very sensitive, complex and challenging for any business, especially since HR are a company’s primary asset


At BRK Law, we adopt & use alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation and arbitration to solve our clients’ legal challenges

Intestate Succession

We help you file high-priority petitions for Succession, Probate of Will, Letters of Administration or related documentation.

Motor Accident Claims

BRK Law Partners reads in between the lines to make sure you receive the fair settlement you are entitled to.

Intellectual Property

Protection of Intellectual Property has become highly important and is crucial to ensure full pecuniary benefits of the invention go to the inventor.

Consumer Related

We assist in representations before the District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum, State Commission & National Commission in all matters and grievances

Real Estate Law

Our client base consists of a variety of individual & commercial property owners, developers, government entities, lenders and the like


For effective resolution

We listen

The common phrase ‘listen like a lawyer’ epitomises our fundamental approach to situations that need lawful interventions.

We understand

We wear empathy like our second skin. It automatically establishes trust & builds rapport, and above all helps validate feelings.

We resolve

The biggest benefit of being active listeners, is the relative ease at which it brings solutions to the table. All it takes then is careful consideration and swift resolution.